Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Great Exhibition of 1851

A part of a job lot bought recently was a large album of engravings, someone's collection. The whole collection dates from the 1850-60s and it wasn't what I bought the lot for but the first few pages are full of these images of The Great Exhibition of 1851. No one with an interest in the Nineteenth Century can be oblivious to the allure and influence of the event. The V&A has a gallery entirely devoted to it. I thought this selection of engravings did well in conveying the scale and importance of the Exhibition. The majority of the engravings of the exhibition in the scrap-album are from "daguerrotypes by Mayall", that is John Jabez Edwin Mayall (1813-1901) one of the very earliest professional photographers. There is a great page about him at Schoolnet.
I particularly like the contraption in the third image down which I guess must be the light casing from a lighthouse but looks like some kind of time machine.

Apologies for the quality of reproduction here but I opted not to try and open the huge and heavy album onto my flatbed scanner so these are somewhat ropey digital photos.


andy ramus said...

Hi, I am researching J.J.E.Mayall at the moment, and having found your site, and read how these prints weren't what you were looking for, I wondered whether you might be interested in selling them on? If not, would it be possible to view them?

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Andy Ramus

andy ramus said...

My e mail is by the way :))

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