Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forgotten 1890s Illustrator: Alan Wright

I've written before about Alan Wright and about how he seemed to have been largely excluded from the pantheon of 1890s illusrators and yet, in so many ways, is at home among them. So I was delighted to come across some of his work in a volume of the Pall Mall Magazine 1893-4. In particular it's nice to see a couple more variations on the AW monogram.

There was a very informative article written about his life and work by someone called Maleen Matthews in the Winter 1979 edition of The Book Collector. In the 'about the contributors' section she is given as a collector of children's books and author of the (forthcoming) So Many Nice Things - An Appreciation of Anne Anderson and Alan Wright. Well, the bracketed, forthcoming, seems to have been optimistic for some reason - I can find no trace of such a publication, nor of Maleen herself who I would very much like to track down so if anyone knows...

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