Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ernest Dowson Letter

I don't do this very often but as the ebay auction has now finished I thought I would just highlight this rather lovely letter (that I didn't bid on), by Ernest Dowson, one of the 'decadent' set of 1890s writers. The nice things about this letter are that it mentions Leonard Smithers and Arthur Symons, both great characters from the 1890s gang, and that it mentions the progress of one of Dowson's books. The fact that it is written from a Belgian hotel also gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. Also, it is written to Dowson's publisher Elkin Matthews (not Mr and Mrs Thews as listed) which is another thing that any 1890s collector is going to like. Perhaps this constellation of 1890s luminaries all brought together in one letter is why, after 18 bids, it sold for 1,145 GBP.


notker said...

A pedant writes: the letter-heading is Gand which is French for Ghent. Dowson's letter makes it clear he's travelling in Belgium.

Anonymous said...

Dowson is a first cousin, three times removed. I was working on family history trying to dig up an image of his mother and dropped in here. Very interesting!

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