Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Two Beautiful Sculptures

I'm afraid I failed dismally here. I am so used to the idea that the V&A's online catalogue is so good that, instead of taking photos of the labelling so I would be able to identify my photos afterward, I assumed I would be able to find these and get their details from the catalogue. I was wrong. All I can tell you therefore is that here are and young St John the Baptist and a statue of two young men wrestling, both from the exsquisite sculpture gallery in the V&A.

Given the subject matter, I thought the camera flare from the glass case around St John seemed somehow appropriate and so I left it in...


Catholic Boy said...

Glorious! I'll check them out some time.

MichaelH said...

I passed these sculptures the other day and thought they looked familiar! The terracotta St John the Baptist was made in about 1944 by Arnold Machin RA (1911-99), who was the artist of the Queen's head on the first decimal coinage and on stamps. The bronze group depicts a bout of ju-jitsu – it is by the Glasgow arts-and-crafts sculptor William Kellock Brown (c. 1856-1934) and was modelled in 1923. Thanks so much for a highly entertaining blog.

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