Thursday, February 03, 2011

Religious Ephemera

As consolation for an otherwise uninteresting trip to an antiques fair the other week I picked up these two carte-de-visites photos. Ever since I published, The Romance of a Choir Boy by John Gambril Nicholson, for which I had to search high and low for an appropriate vintage cover image, I have kept on keeping an eye out. These two I thought were particularly interesting for the amount of lace on the bottom of those cottas, which would indicate somewhere fairly catholic or high-church Anglican, and then the mortar boards they are holding too - seemed an odd combination. The top image liked for the very modern sounding religious wishes written in holograph on the bottom "Yours in Jesus" - unsual.


Catholic Boy said...

The second picture is really delightful. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Several choirs have choristers who still carry mortar boards - St John's College, Cambridge is one I think.

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