Saturday, February 26, 2011


An Internet find this one, a book in Finnish, published in 1907. The wonderful world of Internet translation services enables me to know the title ALASTOMUUS means 'Nudity' but beyond that I gave up. A very eclectic mix of illustrations in this book from b/w photos of buxom women, to b/w photos of loin-clothed males disporting themselves in the open air, to pictures of statues and, in the mix these rather good-looking (I thought) b/w line illustrations.

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John C said...

Picture no. 2 is definitely by Hugo Höppener, better known as "Fidus". You can always spot his pieces by the curious winged sphere motif he liked to use on border designs. I've posted a few of his things from their appearance in Jugend magazine, and I keep thinking of doing a feature on him but I don't have much information about his life. Among other things he contributed to Der Eigene although I've not seen any confirmation that he was gay. He's one of those German artists whose interests started out as naturist and quasi-pagan then graded (perhaps inevitably) into support for the Nazis but how much of that support was deeply-felt is difficult to gauge without some deeper research. In addition to the nudity obsession he produced some strange designs for temples which I think were inspired by Theosophy. An odd character.

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