Friday, February 18, 2011

Bookbinding: Return to Gavin Dovey

Back in 2009 I discovered the blog of Paper Dragon Books, a bookbindery, now in Brooklyn NY, run by Gavin Dovey. Every now and again I go back to the blog and marvel at the astonishing designer bookbinding that he's doing. The "Box Challenge" continues... Gavin says on the blog that he's been averaging one of these boxs every 6 days for four years! As I remarked before, they must house one of the finest collections of modern first editions in the world as each one would appear to be a standout title. (In a little twist of the world's sense of connectedness, Gavin informed me, after my first blog post, that he in fact went to school here in Portsmouth.)

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J said...

The Tolkien boxes are nifty!

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