Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hadrian The Seventh Audio Book

The LibriVox site is, to audiobooks, what the Project Gutenberg is to the printed book: in other words, a massive repository for a vast effort. In this case LibriVox has a small army of volunteers creating audiobooks which are then made available for free.

I was contacted by Martin Geeson a while ago to say that he was going to create an audio book of Hadrian the Seventh. It has taken a while but he is now beginning to upload, chapter by chapter, his very clear and measured reading of the book, unexpurgated and complete. I have to say, I don't envy him the task; of all authors, I would have thought that Rolfe would be one to avoid if you were thinking about recording a book, what with all his neologisms, latinate and Greek constructions, long sentences and occasional Italian renderings. Good luck to Martin, I shall be listening along as he records each chapter...

The image above is a prize winning Polish poster for Peter Luke's play Hadrian VII, designed by Henryk Tomaszewski in 1970.

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