Friday, January 28, 2011

Alex Rose plays with Book Illustrations

Alex Rose is an artist whose blog I watch regularly. The images he creates, often by collage or by part-destruction of photographs, photocopies, inkjet prints and so on... by burning, wetting, by chemicals... the images are often disturbing and, in a few cases not work-safe. However, he does manage to create that sense of beauty in the mire which is perhaps the mark of any true decadent. Some long long time ago, we toyed with the idea of my publishing some of Alex's poetry and, entirely due to my ineptitude, the project didn't come off. He's been successful since at moving his art into real galleries in the UK, Ireland and in continental Europe.

A while ago he posted three images that used what look to be illustrations cut from Edwardian/Victorian boys' books which he has placed... well, the best thing would be to look for yourselves of course. Unfortunately, because of the way his blog is structured, the best I can do is to link you to the home page and tell you these three photos were all posted on January 21st.

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