Thursday, December 02, 2010

Two Vintage Photos: Summer Days

As the snow falls thick outside my window...

How Huck Finn are these. I saw them for sale on the internet recently, got them for a really good price and am even more pleased with them now I have them in my hand than when they were on the screen. The moment I saw them I thought Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer: two lads, in their swimming gear/underwear, drinking from what aren't but could almost be early Coke bottles, fishing rods and shotguns to hand. I think maybe I have a penchant for pastoral scenes. These are mounted on card and dated quite clearly July 1895 and the Huck Finn thing is only strengthened by the fact they come from the US. When you click and englarge them you'll see that both guys actually look really somehow very modern.


Catholic Boy said...

They're delightful. Clever old you for finding them!

PJ said...

The second one will make a fabulous book jacket!

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