Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I-Spy Books

I have been at an auction for most of the day, and I wish I could show you everything, all the wonders that I've dragged up a flight of stairs to the study but, for the time being, I thought these fantastic 1950s (and earlier) covers would make a nice display. These are I-Spy Books, which, in a somewhat later incarnation, were something of a feature in my childhood. For those who have never come across these before, inside are illustrated pages showing a whole load of things that fit within the category of the book's title, each thing is given a point score, depending on how difficult it is to see, the I-Spy-er spends their time tracking down the things in the books and ticking them off to score points. The filled-in books could then be sent to "Big Chief I-Spy" and he would, in return, send you a certificate. These are quite early ones from a collection of over 100 that I bought today that includes early and rare titles from the series: in fact, you can see at least two incarnations of one of the titles 'On the Farm' just from the pictures here. Many of the titles in this acquisition I have never seen before and I'm really hopeful that they will sell well... but they should do just for the covers!


Bookride said...

A great buy. Wonderful covers especially the I Spy on the Pavement. No idea of values but I am sure they have their collectors. I wonder what the rarest title is. Nigel

Callum said...

Hi Nigel,

What little experience I have with these previously suggests that they should sell for £4-5 each unless very rare in which case they may touch £20. I still have a lot to learn about them though and, whilst there are collectors out there, they are not very numerous as yet. If I do any more research before selling them off and learn anything interesting, I'll post it here.

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