Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Solar System Race

I bought a really great box of ephemera the other day, and you may well be seeing other items from it in the near future, but this single sheet print I particularly liked. There's no indication of what book it came from by my best guess would be one of the less well known Boys' Annuals. I'm sure it has no real value but it is absolutely charming.

It also gives me the opportunity to link to one of my new favourite places on the Internet. I was first sent there by the inestimably wonderful John Coulthard's 'Weekend Links'. The front page of Astronomy Picture of the Day is fairly dull but the wonders it contains... I didn't think I was a very 'spacey' person but just try some of these for size...

The US seen from Space at night

The Surface of the Sun

Jupiter's Moon Io in True Colour


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