Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paul Ramos The Charioteer

A short while ago I blogged enthusiastically about a book I had bought because of it's cover: the latest Vintage Books imprint of Mary Renault's The Charioteer. Since then, an anonymous contributor added a comment to tell me that that beautiful face on the cover which had so drawn me was Paul Peralta-Ramos, the youngest son of the 30s style icon Millicent Rogers and a little digging led me to a picture of Paul in later life (he died in 2003) which I have put beside the painting. It is not such a well known fact about Milliecent Rogers that she was a major collector of Native American and Spanish Colonial arts and crafts and a dedicated museum now contains both her collection and the collection of her son Paul who continued her work in that field.

Interestingly, (I think I have got this maths right), the artist, Bernard Boutet de Monvel died in 1949 and so Paul in the picture on the book cover can't be more than 15. It's a strange thing to be able to put a name and story to a face which was, presumably, chosen by very dint of its anonymity.
UPDATE: please see the comments for a very helpful link from PJ who takes us to an image of Paul Ramos which clearly shows him at about the same time as the portrait was painted.

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And here he is when young!

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