Friday, November 19, 2010

Callum James Books: Aspects of Wilde by Vincent O'Sullivan

This remarkable book is unique in the literature of Oscar Wilde. Vincent O’Sullivan was the mystery-man of the 1890s decadent set, an American who lived large parts of his life in England and France, O’Sullivan and Wilde became friends in Paris after scandal and prison had brought Wilde down and effectively ended his literary career.

By no means a conventional biography, nor a memoir, Aspects of Wilde roams freely through anecdote, philosophy, literary criticism, polemic and reminiscence.

O’Sullivan paints an honest and fair picture of Wilde, particularly in his last years, it is a picture which is not without affection but which is also frank. The cast of characters includes all the ‘names’ of the Nineties and O’Sullivan often digresses to detail his own and Wilde’s dealings with Leonard Smithers, Beardsley, Dowson, Merrill, Lord Alfred Douglas and the like.

O’Sullivan himself was a part of that group of bright young authors and artists who gave the 1890s their enduring style, his portrait of Wilde remains an important contribution to our understanding of that period.
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It's very exciting to be able to announce a new edition of Aspects of Wilde by Vincent O'Sullivan. Callum James Books did publish this in a limited edition some while ago now but that is no longer available and so it seemed the perfect time to add this title to our 'paperback treasures' range which was begun in the autumn with a classic and impossible-to-find title by John Gambril Nicholson.

This edition is 147pp, a conventional paperback published by CJB but printed and distributed by Blurb. This edition retains the much needed index that we introduced into the limited edition.
You can order a copy (or many copies) direct from Blurb for GBP9.95 plus postage. Please note that we won't be holding any copies in stock here, the only way to get your hands on it is to order it through Blurb. Please also note that Blurb's delivery times and postage prices are set by them and may differ from what you are used to with other books from us.

We also hope to be able have a very exciting new book announced this weekend and Corvine customers of Callum James Books should keep a weather eye on this blog for the next few days!

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