Friday, November 26, 2010

British Museum Pots and Nudes

The British Museum on a crisp, clear November evening, as the lights in the galleries dim and the amazing glass roof above the Great Court goes slowly darker and darker until walking round the great central ambulatory is like stepping out into a Dickensian Christmas scene of happy gloaming, you can't help but wonder if this is one of the most inspiring places on earth!

I was in London today for a couple of meetings and then, with time to kill, spent the rest of the afternoon in happy isolation in some of the more obscure galleries of the British Museum. The pictures below are from a couple of galleries which hardly get any visitors and yet contain some fascinating pieces, this is the Museum's 'reserve' collection of Greek vases and pottery, nearly all in the well-known red and black style but, because of its condition, this is stuff you'll never see illustrated in posh books. In particular, the large plate decorated with a 'boy on horse' motif was breath-taking, particularly so when you consider that it was painted and potted in 480-470 BC.

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PJ said...

That horse painting is fabulous! For a comprehensive vase painting overview see the title 'Boys Were Their Gods' on Amazon.

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