Monday, November 15, 2010

Boxer Boy

It is the end of a rather full and interesting day. I am sitting here at well past midnight dealing with the packing of a large number of books on nudism sold on Ebay this afternoon whilst listening to Philip Glass's Akhnaten. R and I went to a small antiques fair at Fernham Hall in Fareham today and bought a couple of interesting items which included this rather fetching photograph of a young boxer with (ahem...) quite a thing in his boxers... From the trophy we gather that he has just won the Regimental Boxing Championship of India and from the verso we discover that he was in the Bed/Herts Regiment and was in Kamptee India 1922-24.

I'll post some of the other finds from this fare in the near future but also today we have been to see Skyline at the cinema - DON'T! Quite the most unimproving and pointless film I've seen for a long while.


J said...

Whether it IS or isn't--and I don't really think it is--he does have a lovely body. It's too bad the style of the day was for those enormous trunks...I'd like to see more of that defined midsection. (Did they wear anything resembling an athletic supporter back then?)

Bookish Matthew said...

I wonder if this photo was taken in India, given the rug and studio setting?

Amused by the continuing presence of Philip Glass on Front Free Endpaper!

Callum said...

I forgot to mention that there is a photographers ink stamp on the verso: "O'Brien & Sons, Meerut. (India)"

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