Friday, November 19, 2010

21st Century Books from the Old Stile Press

This astonishingly vibrant painting is by Clive Hicks-Jenkins and was created to make the wrap-around cover for the new bibliography of The Old Stile Press, run by the wonderful Nicolas and Frances McDowall. There was a bibliography of the twentieth century work of the press published some years ago now, and I treasure my copy of that, but this is the next stage, the bibliography of the press in the years since the millennium. The painting is a slightly fantastic representation of Catchmay's Court in the Wye Valley where the Press is based, as was Clive's illustration in black and white for the earlier book.
As well as his website, linked above, Clive has also now been convinced to write a blog - or artlog as he prefers - which is excellent news as his writing is always so clear and interesting. More information about this particular painting can be had from the artlog, and about the book from the Old Sile Press blog and from their website where, at the moment, there is a particularly jubilant video on the front page showing the book off.

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