Sunday, October 03, 2010

Portrait of Corvo and Being Buried Alive

It's been a while now since someone pointed out to me that my edition of Corvo's story, How I Was Buried Alive is not available from my website. This was an oversight and explains why such a great story hasn't sold as well as it might. I intend to put up an appropriate page in the near future and advertise it through my mailing list the next time an announcement goes out. However, I was put in mind of it again recently because I have been delving into Rolfe's remains in America. It seems that his story of being 'buried alive', originally published in The Wide World Magazine in the UK in 1898 was widely reported as 'news' in papers across the US. One paper I found has such a long account, so clearly plagiarised from the original that is almost deserves a mention in Rolfe's bibliography.

The story was reprinted in The Cardinal Prefect of Propaganda in 1957 and then again by me in 2006 (with the illustrations by Allan Wright restored).

Perhaps the most amusing instance though was that of The Lehi Banner out of Utah, who devoted a number of column inches on their front page to the Baron's story in January 1899 and have an illustration based on the photograph of Rolfe that appeared with the original. I reproduced the original in my edition and I've shown it above, it is also used on my website. Clearly the artist employed to render the photograph didn't spent too much time in a deep study of their subject: Rolfe in the drawing has a moustache of Kipling-esque proportions!

[If anyone would like a copy of my edition of How I Was Buried Alive, they can be had for 9.99GBP plus postage - please use the 'email me' link on the right hand side and I'll happily provide more details of course.]


J said...

I'm rather surprised any of these are left.

Callum said...

Hi J,
Yes, my point exactly. There shouldn't have been many left by now but because I neglected to add it to the website for some unaccountable reason, it hasn't sold much because no one has much known I'd published it!

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