Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Again

After a week in the leigh of Chesil Beach, I'm back now and back into the hundreds of emails and small bits and pieces that accrue when you leave a small business on its own for a short while...

The picture above is from our penultimate day in Dorset. Using a thirty year old book of walks that we found on a shelf in the cottage we stayed in, we thought the walk which takes you to the forgotten chapel in the woods sounded rather good. And this is the treat with which we were rewarded. A half-hour from any road, and a good way inside a open mixed wood on a large country estate is this glorious ruined chapel, still cared for and with family burials from Victorian times up until just this year, set into the forest floor. And the directions from the book were pretty much still accurate even today - not much changes in the country they say.

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