Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gilt Stamping Blocks

These are just a few of a box full of metal blocks I took in today. These are not printing blocks as such but are used for stamping hot metal foil onto fancy bookbindings. To have one of these made, particularly the larger ones could cost several hundred pounds, and yet, once used for their intended project, they are often discarded as useless and valueless. It's a shame of course, it is difficult to see how some of them could be of any use to anyone else, but others such as the many 'borders' and 'ornaments' should surely be of use to someone further down the line. Wonderful objects nonetheless.


Art Durkee said...

I could see a fantastic use for these in a book arts school, where they could be used for hand-made books. If not for their original purpose, then as general printing dies, for inks.

I can think of numerous ways this could be interesting for a small art press.

Lovely pieces! Thanks for showing them off.

Callum said...

Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you like the blocks - I have to say they are more or less worthless - no one seems to want or need them despite the fact that the larger ones can cost huge amounts to have made. I'm sure you're right about possible projects but, sadly, no one seems to be buying these things. I think maybe postage costs might have something to do with that as they are heavy as hell...

Anonymous said...

The lions look like the state shield of Norway.

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