Saturday, October 09, 2010

'ello sailor!

Today has been all about the auction. Going to auction can be interesting and even exciting, it can also be a very long, hot and disappointing day: on the whole, today was the latter. I had set my heart on a lot of photo albums and bits and pieces that included photos of such 1890s luminaries as William Johnson (Cory), Gustave Dore, Austin Dobson and Walter Pater. I had hoped it would go unnoticed as it wasn't well catalogued - but it didn't - and while I was the underbidder, it was galling indeed to let it go to someone else.

The consolation prize, although nothing like as great as MY lot of photos, was a huge archive of drawings from the 1930s/40s by an art student called Barbara Long. Most of them are nudes - male and female - they are very varied in quality and there is are many other subjects too including images of WW2 at home. There may be more of the nudes later but for now I thought this hoary old sailor telling tales of the sea to the boy on the quay might be appreciated here!

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