Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things that Fall From Books #4: Bookmarks

One thing a book dealer is never short of is bookmarks. Every new box of books yields a confetti-like shower of bookmarks of all sort and conditions left by previous owners. For my part, I hoover them up and put them to one side until I have a decent pile, and then sell them as a job-lot to one of the small army of bookmark collectors who haunt the internet looking for goodies. My latest haul of 130 bookmarks is going online this weekend and the above is just a small sample of the one's that caught my eye.
The full 130 contain bookmarks made of paper, leather, plastic, acetate, silk, fabric, and metal: some are new-ish, some are vintage: some are printed, some painted, some stitched or woven, hand or machine-made: there are bookmarks from bookshops (quite a lot of those), insurance companies, churches and road-safety campaigns. Just a bit of fun.

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nuboy said...

These are fascinating with considerable charm. Best regards.

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