Monday, September 13, 2010

Teleny & Camille

I am effectively re-blogging this after seeing it on Band of Thebes (which is a blog that should be on the favourite's list of any gay or gay-friendly person with even a passing interest in literature). The controversial 1890s text, Teleny, or The Reverse of the Medal, has been reworked into a graphic novel. The Youtube video above is by the artist, Jon Macy, himself and I love that he has chosen such atmospheric music to go with the images from the book. Teleny was originally published by Leonard Smithers and there has been intense debate about its authorship ever since. There is a swift and constant change of style in the text and so it is conjectured that it may have been written as a 'round robin', being passed among friends, each writing a new section taking up from where the last left off. I have no expertise to offer an opinion on the matter but this is why Macy styles his work as 'based on a novel by Oscar Wilde and his circle'.

The book can (and should) be ordered from Northwest Books directly.

I have been trolling through volumes of the boys' magazine Chums in recent days and found this snippet from 1894 (note a year before the trial) about Oscar Wilde:

OSCAR WILDE, when a boy at school, did his best to live up to his surname. On one occasion his father told him that a whole page of a letter from his headmaster was filled with accounts of his misdeeds, and asked him what he proposed to do. "Turn over a new leaf, father" was the reply.

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