Sunday, September 12, 2010

Old Patterned Paper

There is actually quite a lot to learn about the history of patterned paper and, despite my numerous excited mutterings on this blog about how wonderful this or that piece of patterned paper is, I don't feel like much of an expert. However, these two I thought worth sharing. I'm sure that both are contemporary to the books they are wrapping. The first, on The Queen's Wake by James Hogg was published by Nelson in Edinburgh in 1844. It reminds me a lot of the woodblock printed papers produced by my current Edinburgh favourites, J & J Jefferies.
The second is wrapped around a musical score from 1757, a beautiful thing in its own right but the paper is a paste paper, that is, paste coloured with pigment is smeared over a stone or glass surface, a comb is then used to create a pattern in the paste and then the paper is pressed to the paste and comes away with an impression of the pattern made. I saw a number of examples of this kind of paper in the Correr museum in Venice a year ago.
The fact that it has, indeed, been a year since my last trip to Venice means that it has also been a year since R and I got married. Our first anniversary is today. We have actually been together more like 15 years but it is still true that when he smiles or laughs, my heart lightens....


pennytristram said...

Happy Anniversary! I saw an exhibition on Saturday that I think may interest you and R, if you haven't already heard about it :
There's a bit about it on my blog as well.

J said...

A very happy day to you both!

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