Thursday, September 23, 2010

George Bernard Shaw, Stalin and Emphemeral Printing

This is the kind of thing that really floats my boat: a major figure, an ephemeral publication. In this case a 14 page pamphlet printed in big, inky letters on folded newsprint paper in 1941 by Russia Today. The pamphlet includes copies of a correspondence that appeared in The New Statesman begun by a letter from Shaw in which he was accused of being too approving of Stalin. The most amazing thing is simply the survival of this scrappy little item, whole and complete and only a little browned (less browned than it appears in the scan above).

It also gives me the opportunity to blog two other sweet little Shaw items which fell from a mixed lot a while ago. The catalogue of the exhibition that the National Book League mounted in honour of Shaw's 90th birthday in 1946. What's particularly nice though is that the catalogue still contains the owners season ticket to the exhibition.

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