Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daniel Barkley

I am currently enchanted by the work of a Canadian artist called Daniel Barkley, of which the above is only a sample. He has a large and fascinating selection of work in his online portfolio. If the phrase, 'psychological landscape' was ever going to have currency it would be for these paintings. Although the nudity is raw and straightforward, these are much more pictures from the inside of a human mind than of the outside of a human body.

His website talks about secular interpretations of biblical and mythical subjects and, yes, obviously I can see that but, I have to say that in doing that secular interpretation he seems to me to have created the kind of world that exists in dreams where mist and whiteness cloud the edges of vision: where nudity and dirt, strange contraptions and fierce relationships all twist around one another: where the main elements are air and water and we feel at any moment the whole world might dissolve.

I just can't keep away from the website at the moment.

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