Thursday, August 26, 2010

New at Callum James Books

There have been two minor developments here. I haven't put the prices of my books up since I started this venture over five years ago. The prices of my books are not going to go up but where, in the past, it seemed a gesture to be able to say that books ordered from the website would incur only a £1 p+p charge, no matter where they were sent in the world, this is of course now ridiculous. I will slowly be changing the pricing on the website to reflect better the actual cost of posting items.

Second, the more eagle-eyed among you might have noticed, when I posted about the publication of The Romance of a Choir Boy by John Gambril Nicholson, that there was a device on the title page (also above). This is my new monogram for Callum James Books and it will start appearing on more of my newer publications. I have to thank John Coulthart for leading me to it following a post he made in May which lead me to a great book called Monograms and Ciphers (1906) by A. A. Turbayne. I found a couple of CJs there but this one I liked the best.

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