Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Catalogue of the Private Library of a Student of Boyhood, Youth & Comradeship

This is published today.

A Catalogue of Books from the Private Library of a Student of Boyhood, Youth and Comradeship

by F. E. Murray.

This little booklet is one of the cornerstones of the bibliography of obscure gay and 'Uranian' texts. Published in 1924 by the bookseller and publisher Francis Edwin Murray it lists over 450 items of pederastic interest. The first section lists books of poetry by the group which have become known, since Timothy d'Arch Smith's book Love in Earnest, as the Uranian poets. Indeed, this booklet was a very significant source for d'Arch Smith in his researches for that book. But there is more: a second section covers 'Belle Lettres, Essays, Biographies etc.' and then the third, and longest section lists fiction. It is a sometimes eclectic list, sometimes it contains errors but Murray was well placed to be issuing this kind of catalogue as he was the main publisher to a significant number of the authors it lists. Whether this is the catalogue of an actual library or a 'picking list' for books Murray could provide is not clear.

The original of this text is now vanishingly scarce despite the fact that it should be one of the starting-places for any research or collection of this kind of literature.

This is a numbered edition of 50 copies sewn into patterned card covers.

The cost is £9.99 + £2 P&P.

This title can be purchased from Callum James Books.

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