Monday, August 02, 2010


This caught my eye today. As a bookseller, of course, you can't avoid bookplates and often they are interesting enough but I confess they are not something about which I know very much, nor do I want to allow myself to be seduced by the lure of yet another collection.

This one I just liked for it's slightly fin-de-siecle rendition of Igdrasil (more normally Yggdrasil), the World Tree of Norse mythology. Actually it's dated 1915. It is by an artist I don't know, M. E. Voelcker and about whom even Google seems to know little. Nor can I tell you anything about J. H. Simpson. So, not a very informative post as it turns out. Hope you like the picture.


John C said...

Those figures are probably the three Norns weaving the fate of humanity. The tree itself seems rather slender for something which was supposed to support the entire universe. Somewhere I have a drawing I made when I was about 11 or 12 depicting all the worlds of Norse mythology. I was obsessed for a time with the Roger Lancelyn Green book published by Puffin.

I was going to also mention the Ricketts Yggdrasil bookplate for Gleeson White but you know about that already.

Oliver said...

Presumably ME Voelcker is Margaret E Voelcker, illustrator of "The Book of Little Black Brother"(1911) and "Taro, a Little Boy of Japan" (1914)

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