Sunday, August 29, 2010

Andre Norton - Star Man's Son - Nicolas Mordvinoff

I have been toying with the idea of culling my hardback SF books (not the Gollancz yellowbacks obviously!), because I need the shelf space and, to my shame, it has been such a very long time since I was seriously reading science-fiction. In the process of looking through them I came across this copy of Star Man's Son, published by Gollancz in 1968. It's a post-atomic distopia and, I think, written for a younger audience.
It's not one I've read so I hadn't before noticed the enchanting illustrations by Nicolas Mordvinoff. This style of illustration: black, inky, scribbled and strong on sillhouette is one of my favourites and was very much in voague for children's books in particular in fron the 1950s until well into the 1970s. It's so much a 'style' I almost feel it should have a name. I don't know much about Mordvinoff except that on one internet forum it was reported that he liked Russian Roulette, and eventually lost.


stone in italy said...

I remember having read this book when I was in junior high school and the illustrations have stayed with me all these years. I still have a clear memory of the rat-like creatures in the book. Thanks for letting me see them again.

Michael E. Stamm said...

I have a copy of the American hardcover (it was originally published in the mid-'50s, if memory serves) which has a different cover--also by Mordvinoff--and the same interior illustrations. I've been a fan of Mordvinoff's since someone gave me a copy of Kipling's JUST SO STORIES when I was a child; the book is large format (9x12, maybe) with color illustrations by Mordvinoff (as "Nicholas") throughout.

Callum said...

Thank you for dropping by, we are honored by your SF-critical presence! I still have this book somewhere I think. Whenever someone comments on a post I made some time ago, it tends to push me back to Google to see if I can learn any more about the subject but this time, I'm afraid, nothing new. I like the sound of the Just So Stories being illustrated by Mordvinoff - I must keep an eye out for it. Thanks again for dropping in.

Fear Death By Water said...

I'm reading this now for the first time. I'm an apocalypse superfan and am loving the shit out of this!

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