Sunday, July 18, 2010

FINALLY: Roden Noel's Ganymede and Bacchus

It's been talked about on this blog more times than I care to remember and for longer than I would care to guess but finally, about six format-changes down the road, I have anounced today the publication of these two long poems by Roden Noel. The blurb follows:


We are delighted to be able to anounce the publication of Ganymede and Bacchus by Roden Noel, a reprinting of two long poems of classical subject and homoerotic tone. This publication fits into a series with Jocelyn Brooke's Six Poems which we published last year, a larger format than the more usual Callum James Books and with fine quality paper. This publication has been on the blocks for a very long time and it is wonderful to be able to finally offer it for sale.

Roden Noel (1834-1894) was a prolific poet. He wrote some ten volumes of poetry and many other works in his lifetime and yet, despite being admired by John Addington Symonds among others, he is, to all intents and purposes, unkown today. His poetry is sinuous and laden with imagery and description, it is not easy poetry, and yet it very much repays a careful reading.

Avowedly bisexual, Noel was a master of sensuously homoerotic verse. A number of his other poems with homoerotic flavours have already found separate publication in the twentieth century but both of the poems reproduced here have only been available in their original states until now. This title also includes, in the appendix, the case study of Noel by Havelock Ellis in his Sexual Inversion.

This publication includes four illustrations printed straight from the artist's blocks.

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