Friday, July 16, 2010

Things That Falls From Books #1: Dickens Bits

Sometimes, in fact often, the things which fall out of books can be more interesting than the books themselves - so much so in this case that I have actually forgotten which book this wonderful piece of Dickens theatre ephemera came from.

It's a folded card with a second printed card inside giving details of the Christmas performance at His Majesty's Theatre which was to be David Copperfield. The Proprietor, Manager and Star Turn of His Majesty's was Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree who appears on the front of the card as both Mr. Micawber and Dan'l Peggoty - both of which roles he is mentioned for in the cast list. Someone has kindly saved me the research and bracketed the year in pencil as 1914.

As ephemeral items go, this one, I feel, is a real survival and the colour and warmth of the two pieces together makes for a very nice collector's piece. All I need to find now is a collector of either Dickensian, or theatre ephemera...

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