Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Recommendation: This Suits Me

I don't normally do this but I am absolutely smitten with this blog. It's the poetry (mainly) of a 17 year old gay guy (who doesn't do labels) called Marcus from New Zealand. Normally, this kind of poetry blog is a fairly disappointing affair, the kind of thing that used to be scribbled in the back of school exercise books and now is plastered all over the blogosphere. This one is different. Marcus matches up each poem to an image found on the internet: he doesn't say if the image inspires the poem or if he has sought out the image to illustrate the poem, I suspect a little of both, but it's a sign of the internet age that this pairing of text and image works so well. On the one hand, yes, the guy is seventeen and hasn't got quite the depth and breadth of language and imagery that he's obviously going to develop but on the other hand he writes the most disarming verses, usually rhyming, that are often extremely simple and song-like but show, in almost every one, a real feel for language and a layer of thought about his subjects that is rare in a teenage poetry.

I don't want to appear condescending and I shouldn't be reviewing this work differently because of his age so I should also say that he badly needs an editor and someone to teach him how to self-edit but on the whole these are absolutely charming poems which don't pretend to be great art but actually, from time to time, manage to rise way above the poetry dross that clogs the internet. Best of all, they make me smile.

[NB. There is musical accompaniment to this blog which can be turned off but if you go there with your speakers turned right up, you'll have a bit of a start]

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