Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Roadtrip - Exeter and Ninian Comper

Ninian Comper has been mentioned before on this blog because I am always attracted to Victorian stained glass and Sir John was perhaps the greatest exponent of Gothic Revival Victorian style in stained glass. I mention him again because it was delightful during the tour of Exeter Cathedral to be brought suddenly face to face with a full-scale window by Comper, this one commemorating the loss of HMS Exeter.

The details of the window can be read at the Cathedral's website. I wish I knew how to take better images of stained glass but I have to take comfort in the fact that it's a skill even professional photographers have trouble with. My snaps are above, for what they're worth. You can't see them from my photos but in the bottom right hand corner there is a small bunch of strawberries, nothing to do with HMS Exeter but a commemoration of Comper's father who, apparently, would hand out strawberries to children in the park - not, as our guide pointed out, behaviour that can be recommended today.

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I expect someone already mentioned in the past three years. I had a problem with stained glass until a professional suggested to me that I needed to reduce exposure by one stop. Nowadays I bracket exposures, -2, -1, 0, and pick whichever works best. I often need to lighten shadows using Photoshop, usually selecting just the glass area for this modification. This generally works well. I even take photos for cathedrals sometimes nowadays.

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