Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Roadtrip Day Two - Malvern to Exeter

The reason for coming this far north on a trip which is supposed to be more or less into the West Country, was to attend the Malvern Flea and Collectible's Market - a huge fair with hundreds of sellers ranging from rather grand dealers to house clearance people. The pictures are only of the interior stalls but the greatest part of the stallholding was outside on the Three Counties Showground which nestles in the shadow of some georgeous hills. [This photo was taken at the end of the day from the carparking field!]

We spent a large amount of money today, largely it has to be said on pots for R's burgeoning career as a dealer in ceramic and glass. But I wasn't to be completely outdone. I was very pleased to find two Victorian photographs of nude ladies at an extremely reasonable - nay, bargin - price. Still in their original frames I can't do much from my hotel room by way of scanning but I hope these photographs give some idea of what we're talking about.

There were a few other buys for me today but these two lovely ladies stand out. After many hours at the fair we made our way back to the M5 for the drive to Exeter which is where I'm writing this from now. On the way back to the motorway though we were able to stop briefly back in Tewkesbury where I noticed out of the corner of my eye that this amazing bookshop in its 15th[?] century wood framed home was still open for an hour or so.

It's always a pleasure to be able to recommend an secondhand bookshop, always a pleasure frankly to find one that is still open for business these days. Nonetheless, what an astonishing building to be lodged in and inside, a large and rambling stock which was very strong indeed on UK topographical and travel and exploration with all other subjects amply represented too and a really good price range from paperbacks to rare tomes. Perhaps a little lite on literature but one can't have everything. So, Cornell Books at The Wheatsheaf in Tewkesbury Hight Street: well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Tomorrow we explore Exeter and its environs...

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