Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Roadtrip Day Four - Exeter to Torquay via Topsham

This is not a long journey, in fact, probably the shortest hop of our roadtrip. And in fact, we spent most of the day in Topsham which is the most delightful village just a stone's throw from Exeter and which, throughout the 14th to early 19th century was the port for Exeter (clever medieval landowners had blocked the river access to Exeter by a weir meaning that only the smallest of ships could get up the river to Exeter so all the trading ships had to use the quay at Topsham and this situation continued until 1827). We loved this place. R insists that when, on arrival, we were greeted with the sight of this roofer's sensationally sculpted body working just above where we parked the car [below], that this was a good omen. We were drawn in the first instance to the Quay Antiques Centre which had three floors of rambling stalls containing all manner of antiques and collectibles and R was very happily ensconced for a number of hours buying, in the end about five decent pieces including at least two thing which he believes he will make a very decent profit on. The panoramic photo above is of the view from just out side the centre.

The village also contained, we discovered by accident, a decent secondhand bookshop, of that rare variety who have not listed their stock on the Internet. Joel Segal Books is not, however, without Internet savvy as there is a decent website and very active blog and highlights of the shop's stock can be found on the website. The shop is extremely well stocked in UK topography and travel and exploration but I found the literature section not exactly thin, but not exactly bountiful. The shop also has one of the largest and best organised paperback only sections I think I have ever come across.

Our good luck omen certainly seemed to hold true when we slipped inside one of the many charity shops in Topsham and stumbled on two large-ish Lehnert and Landrock photogravures in frames. Again, apologies for the rather rough and ready images taken in our hotel room but you get the idea.

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