Friday, June 18, 2010

Male Nudes: 1906-7

I have been reading quite a bit about the use of the male nude in photography in the late 19th and early 20th century because it's a subject with which Frederick Rolfe was concerned and I'm editing some letters of his in which it is a regular topic of discussion. I recently published Rolfe's album of photos from Christchurch. In fact, photography was an adjunct to the lives of a number of my Victorian Queers: J A Symonds, John Gambril Nicholson, Gleeson White, Kains Jackson, etc. etc. they all had an active interest in the 'new' medium and particularly in its ability to let them oggle a good-looking young man!

So when I pulled two issues of Photograms of the Year from a box of books just bought, I was keen to discover any new photographers of the era for whom the male nude was a subject and the issues for 1907 and 1907 provided a number of good new leads [above] as well as a von Gloeden photograph that I've never seen before [below].


Olov Kriström said...

Is there any information on the photographers in the books? See, I've felt so inspired by your sleuthing of late, and now I'm wondering if the man behind the camera of "Bather" might be the Dr. A. Wilhelmj who founded the Institute for Fermentative Industries (a bio here: and in 1905 donated 40 Mark to Magnus Hirschfeld's Scientific-humanitarian Committee (as per There's certainly a rather uranian air over the picture, so the connection isn't unlikely.

Zafar Khatri said...

Is there any information on the photographers in the books? See, vernis semi permanent

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