Sunday, June 20, 2010

The London Magazine 1950

This is really only an excuse to post what I thought were unexpectedly good photos that I took for Ebay. I am preparing a listing for tomorrow, of a short broken run of 18 copies of The London Magazine from the 1950s - so colourful!
The whole of this group were under the editorship of John Lehmann, whose virtues I have extolled before, but if you don't know this publication at that time and happen to see a copy, pick it up. Almost every edition was stuffed full of quality. The contributor list, just picking a handful, included: Thom Gunn, Betjeman, Louis Macneice, Stephen Spender, Roy Fuller, Robert Graves, Christopher Isherwood, Ted Hughes, Alex Comfort, Osbert Sitwell, Vernon Watkins, Aldous Huxley and so on, and so on.... and often you can find little, otherwise unknown, vignette illustrations and decorations by an amazing range of artists including: Edward Ardizzone, Phillipe Jullian, Keith Vaughan, John Minton...
It says something about both the editor and the power of the magazine itself that so many of its contributors are still known today. It would be like picking up a magazine now, of such quality that almost everyone who contributed to it will still be known in 2070 and onwards.

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