Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Early London Underground Card

Too often when people talk about collectible 'ephemera' they are talking about scrap paper, rubbish, little bits of nonsense... and if that kind of stuff floats your boat then you go gal! But this is a real piece of ephemera. I shall take my tongue out of my cheek now and tell you that this is a wonderful little folding card with the times and fares for the London Underground Railway on the inside which are only revealed when you pull the train out of the station in the illustration. I'm fairly confident of dating this to 1907 for a few reasons.
1. It came to me in the same bundle of bits as a 'Map of Tubes and Tram Routes' which is dated 1907.
2. The company livery on the train is G. N. P. & B, a company who were bought out in 1910.
3. Once you open the card and reveal the posters on the wall of the illustrated station there is one which states "Hampstead Station Now Open". Hampstead, which I believe is still the deepest station on the system, opened in 1907.
All in all this is not only a delightful piece of ephemera but certainly a very valuable one too and, along with the early folded card map, I'm sure they are going to bring a fairly substantial amount.

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Anonymous said...

The condition of these pieces looks excellent. Pitch it to the right market (I am sure there are hardcore collectors of everything to do with the London Underground) and it will hopefully turn you a nice profit.I enjoy reading your blog immensely, and am impressed by your researching of even the most obscure items that come your way.



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