Sunday, May 30, 2010

Roadtrip Day One - Tewkesbury

This week, R and I are on our own little 'Antiques Roadtrip'. Due to the wonders of motel rooms with WiFi I'm able to sit here, late at night, while R snuffles gently in the background and offer up some fairly senseless reflections on a long day just gone. Tewkesbury was actually just our destination today, but en route we stopped at a large antiques centre just north of Chipping Norton, which is itself just north of Oxford. Station Mill Antiques was a worthwhile stop where I found a small bundle of WW2 letters, photographs and telegrams from a US army officer in the Provost Marshall's office to his sweetheart in England.

The nicest thing about today though was actually the journey. Through numerous Cotswold villages and into Tewkesbury which, although we arrived far too late on a Sunday night for anything to be open, looked to be a delightful town and certainly we enjoyed standing on the bank of the Avon in the shadow of an enormous red-brick Victorian mill, watching swallows perform the most remarkable feats of aerobatics. Sadly, the Abbey [pictured above] was just closed when we arrived.

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