Monday, May 24, 2010

David Paynter Revisited

I have in the past posted a couple of times on this blog about the Sri Lankan artist, David Paynter. Those posts have brought some responses over time and now I am contacted by a correspondent in Sri Lanka who is keen to see Paynter's reputation enhanced, particularly in his native country. My correspondent, RK, has also sent some charming small reproductions of some more of Paynter's works.

'The Pumpkin Boy' at the top is owned by RK's brother. The last painting above, 'Sushila' was painted in 1953 and is of RK's mother who was a student of Paynter. The rather cute 'Sing Sing and the Tea Set', showing the young monkey on a table is now in a private collection in England. Also in England, probably is the lady in the red dress, a portrait of Margaret Rawlings.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the images though is the black and white reproduction of the portrait of Nehru. RK tells me that Nehru was not particularly enchanted by this portrait since, at the height of his powers in 1954, he felt it made him look sad. It was therefore sidelined and eventually put away somewhere. RK is very keen to know where it might have ended up so, on the off-chance that a David Paynter expert may come this way on the end of a Google search one day: if you know the whereabouts of the lost Paynter, please do use the email link to the right to be in touch.

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Anonymous said...

Sam Popham had some nice Paynters. Paynter was good at depicting beautiful young boys in various states of undress in his religious art. His murals in the chapels at Saint Thomas, Mount Lavinia and Trinity in Kandy are splendid.

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