Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Make Money

I recently bought three or four cartons full of book catalogues. For the most part these are bookseller's catalogues but as I've been sorting through them I've been finding all manner of pamphlets and ephemeral bits and pieces and this is one of them. As you can see from the cover, this little number was published quarterly and this one in particular in 1919.

The inside has a wonderful selection of recipies for "proprietary preparations" from sealing wax, to chewing gum, from ginger beer and custard powder to sticky fly paper and superfluous hair removers. This last contains: hydro-sulphuret of sodium, powdered quick lime and powdered starch and "is an excellent line to advertise in ladies' paper." (Please do not try this at home).

Also in the magazine is an article on how to make money through transfering photographs to watch faces, ceramics or glass. It seems to be based upon an alcohol solution which in some way lifts the layer of photgraphic emulsion from the paper of the photograph so it can then be stuck to the clean enamel or ceramic surface. If it weren't for the fact that asking for the ingredients at my local chemist would probably result in my arrest under terrorism laws, I'd be very tempted to give it a go.

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John C said...

The photo transfer sounds like the more recent solvent transfer technique which you can do with photocopies, newspaper pictures or inkjet prints. This video shows one application of the process:

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