Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gleeson-White Family

Joseph Gleeson-White was a well-loved and extremely influential art critic, designer/illustrator, and editor at the end of the nineteenth century. He lived, for a while, with his family in Christchurch in Hampshire and there became embroiled in the life of Frederick Rolfe. This period in Rolfe's life is well documented in all three biographies and in Robert Scoble's A Duchess and Her Past in the Raven series. That said, I am currently working on two publications relating to Rolfe's time in Christchurch - watch this space for details.

Rolfe was well known to the Gleeson-White family, to Mr and Mrs as well as their two children Eric and Cicely. I have known for a while that Cicely went on to have a sucessful career as a light operatic singer so I was delighted to discover this page from The Strand Magazine in a series they were running on 'my favourite song to sing'.

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