Saturday, February 13, 2010

Those Vintage Men Again

A little while ago I commented on the blog about how old photos of men - particularly CDVs and Cabinet Cards - are completely uncommercial prospects. This brought a number of comments including from one chap who said he started a collection simply for that very reason.

The saleability of cabinet cards of all types has plummeted in the last couple of years. It used to be that almost any Victorian/Edwardian photo showing a reasonable piece of women's fashion would be snapped up. Now, collectors appear to be much more cautious and picky, homing in on the very best examples only.

Another response to the vintage men post came from a friend and customer in the Netherlands who generously sent me the above. It's a delightful photograph of a winsome young man. The decoration is very deco and I think possibly hand drawn. The photographer was in Detroit and the pen inscription says 'To a swell guy, Ray Trus' presumably this is Ray in the picture and he is sending his photo to a friend - a graduation picture has been suggested. It's a measure though of how little pieces like this are currently valued that my friend received because it was being used as packaging for something he had ordered from a bookdealer!

I can't promise to be able to do anything much with him, but he will have a happy home here at least.

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