Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ryan McGinley Photo

Not a vintage photo but one which has captivated me recently. From my interest in Equus, often and ardently displayed on this blog, you might have guessed that I have real passion for what you might call 'the boy and beast' genre. You might not have known though that I'm also a big fan of Ryan McGinley's photos. Oh, to be able to afford an honest to goodness actual print... anyway...

This was something I came across on the internet, I'm sorry I don't remember now where. I think it's a near perfect picture. The choice of the boy and cat is inspired. They compliment each other. The fact that the cat is straining fowards against it's leash and even appears to be swiping at the viewer gives real drama to the image. At the same time, the cat is an extension of the boy's physicality, not too big and powerful but lean and agile looking. Dangerous but not overpowering or forceful. Together they represent that tension in late adolescence between explosion and restraint, the boy looks like he is only just holding onto this force that's about to spring away from him. I even like the fact that boy is a bit grubby round the edges, like the two of them have been running feral for hours.

Strange how, from time to time, an image captures the imagination and holds it.

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George said...

Absolutely agree with your comments - especially the 'grubby round the edges...' one.

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