Sunday, February 07, 2010

1000th Post

I feel as though I ought to make a little speech - but I'm not going to. I can think of nothing particularly sage to say on the nature of blogging to mark this milestone. Certainly this blog, and indeed the nature of blogging itself has changed considerably since I started. This blog has had prolific patches and slow stretches but the man in the machine tells me this is 1000.

Perhaps I shall think on't and have more to say when the blog's 5th birthday comes around later this year. For now... simply onwards...


John C said...

Congratulations! And keep up the good work.

Self-effacing ghost said...

Wasn't intending to make any comment on this blog until I'd read every word of it (which won't be long now as I've been following it since last summer while slowly making my way through your archive) but this is too good a chance to miss.

So let me just say: many thanks for all the pleasure and nourishment you've given me. Congratulations, and best of luck.

Clive said...

Congratulations Callum. You clearly have what it takes to keep a blog going. My own is in its early stages, but just at this moment I can't imagine being at it all the way to the magic 1000!

Congratulations. That's quite an achievement. Thank you for the many wonders and delights that I've discovered here.

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