Sunday, January 31, 2010

Captain "Space" Kingley

What's not to like about these fantastic illustrations from the 1950s? Captain Kingley, or Space to his friends, only appeared in three Christmas annuals from 1954-6 and I'm told - by a blogger who has actually read them - that the stories themselves were pretty thin and silly, well below the talent of the artist who worked on them. I was particularly taken by the Flame Men of Mercury.
In truth this copy is ridiculously tatty and didn't really survive the scanning process. Nor was it intended to. I only picked it up in a fit of pique the other day as R and I came to the end of an hour or so in a bitterly cold antiques centre. He had found loads of stuff to feed his lust for 20th century ceramics and I had nothing, so when I saw the warming, 50s colours of the cover glowing behind an old teapot I had to have it. If only to share here.


Annie said...

Thanks for sharing the artwork-i agree it is very good.

Andrea+John+Jacks Home Blog said...

Hi i have just got a copy of this book. Was left on doorstep by neighbour thought my son would like it. The art work is great.

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