Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This lovely piece of bookish ephemera fell today from between the pages of a late 1950s copy of the Association of Scientific Workers' Journal (yes, it's heady stuff here at Callum James Books) that I was cataloging for Abe.
There's nothing that booksellers love more than bibliophilic ephemera. I had never heard of Collets but it transpires that many people remember a somewhat rambling "tatty and esoteric" empire of shops on the Charing Cross Road very fondly if this series of reminiscences is to be believed. Always left wing, the owners had links with both the Marx and Engels families and it was to Collets that you would wend your way if you were a communist from the provinces in need of improving literature, postcards, posters, pamphlets and books to take back to the other workers on your communal farm.

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