Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mrs John Lane on Collecting

In the same wondeful edition of Pearson's Magazine, mentioned below, pictured above, Mrs John Lane writes about collecting and collectors:

"Collecting is a safety-valve for the passions. I do not believe that a
collector every commits suicide or dies of a broken heart, nor, indeed, is it
possible for a lover to be a collector.

To collect, from buttons up, is to give yourself over, heart and soul, to a
fierce, engrossing passion, which exceeds in dynamic force every other passion
in the world, for it contains them all. You may get tired of the most
frantically beloved one, but you never get tired of those delightful things you
have gathered together with such infinite patience. You may hate a rival, but
you will never hate him with the double distilled venom the collector feels
towards the other man who has carried off what he himself wants."

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