Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bookbinding: Gavin Dovey

Gavin Dovey is a bookbinder in New York running Paper Dragon Books. I can't remember how I stumbled upon his blog but I do know that he has just completed a quite remarkable project. He was challenged to created 25-30 full leather clam shell boxes in just two months, some of which you can see above and all of which, I think, you can see on his blog beginning from this post, and carrying on from there. I think they are beautiful. And if they are to contain a collection of first editions then, judging from the titles, it would be a very significant collection indeed.


J said...

What a fascinating project! It's especially interesting to me as I live in New York City, where he's based...

gavin dovey said...

thanks for the spotlight
and yes the collection is of modern signed first editions
and yes it is quite special
thankyou again for the flattery
also i went to school in southsea when i was a kid
st.johns college

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